COMMERCECON Sp. z o.o. and COMMERCECON Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością

Supply and assembly of steel constructions

The companies offers services competitive in the aspect of both price and quality in the field of supply and assembly of steel constructions (including designing steel constructions like shop floors and warehouses).


Realization of commercial objects of highest quality

The basic activity conducted by COMMERCECON is the extensive realization of commercial objects in all of Poland.
We employ modern and reliable technologies that stand in conformity with all safety standards. We cooperate only with companies offering best quality products. We obtain our materials only from reputed companies, thus providing the highest safety standards and quality of our realizations.


COMMERCECON Sp. z o. o. Steel constructions – development, assembly

COMMERCECON is persistent in pursuing the widening of its offer: this allows us to live up to the standards of the constantly changing conditions on the real estate market as well as the ever more demanding expectations of our Investors.

  • Shop floors

  • Warehouses

  • Covered markets

  • Sports halls

  • Social buildings

  • Logistics centres

  • Car showrooms

  • Industrial buildings

The increase in orders has convinced us that what we do and the way we work meets the expectations of our Customers. The results of our work are the constantly increasing number of our Investors, as well as the number of finished developments in all of Poland.

The delivery and assembly of steel constructions is a job done by a well tuned Team

Our company is much more than just projects, structures and assembly – it’s the people. We have a well tuned and devoted team, working on the basis of mutual trust, to thank for both high quality and extensive services aimed at Investors.
“A mans vocation is simple: to build the world…” – Elzenberg Henryk

We want our work to make peoples dreams come true.

As a modern and dynamically developing company we emphasize quality, functionality and the safety of our constructions. Our employees meet the expectations of most demanding Customers.

Thanks to a great Team COMMERCECON provides not only professional projects and commercial objects, but also an extensive Customer service.

Our employees are experienced and well qualified assembly workers – their up-to-date achievements in overall assembly can only be measured in thousands of cubic meters.

The advantages of the objects developed by COMMERCECON

  • an optimal structure of the steel construction (economic use of steel)

  • adjusting the size of the construction to the needs of the Customer (individual projects)

  • a wide array of solutions in the field of roofing technologies

The constructions offered by COMMERCECON
Our constructions can be characterized by:

  • great acoustic and temperature isolation parameters – adaptable to the needs of the Customer.

  • resistance to weather conditions

  • precision in assembly

  • a failure-free comfort of use

  • high standard of the aesthetic qualities of the elevation and the structure of the developments