Commercecon - General contractor of industrial objects

As a General Contractor, we build industrial facilities for various purposes in the "D & B - Design and Build" formula.

We can also perform the shared scopes of work as a subcontractor.

We offer services in the field of:

  • preparation of a full-branch building permission project
  • preparation of the detailed design and as-built documentation for industrial facilities for various purposes, e.g. for a production or storage hall.
  • support for the Investor when obtaining a work permit and other investment obligations, such as geological surveys, technical expertise, environmental applications, development concepts, etc.
  • order and delivery of all necessary materials for the construction of the hall
  • supervision over prefabrication of the structure
  • strict control of delivered building materials
  • conducting preparatory and execution works, earth works, roads and foundation works
  • assembly of steel structures (including for steel halls of various purpose such as: production halls, warehouses, shopping halls, sports halls and others)
  • assembly wall cladding and front elevations
  • assembly implementation of the roof covering
  • construction in traditional techniques, erection of partitions and preparation of special utility zones
  • execution of all necessary installation infrastructure, such as: water and sewage, electrical installations, etc.
  • delivery and assembly of industrial equipment such as: gates, docks, doors, windows, etc.
  • land development, construction of fire protection tanks, shelters, protection buildings, etc.

As a modern and dynamically growing company, we put emphasis on functionality and safety of construction.

We use modern and proven technologies in accordance with applicable standards.
We work with companies that offer products and services of the highest quality.
We only use materials from well known manufacturers to ensure the highest standards of our implementation.


Construction of steel halls throughout Europe

We constantly improve our offer to meet the growing requirements of investors and adapt to changing conditions in the construction market.

The increase in the number of orders confirms us that what we do and how we work meets the expectations of our customers.
The result of our activity is the constantly growing number of investors, and thus the portfolio of completed facilities in the country and abroad.


Delivery and assembly of steel halls is the work of a well-coordinated team

Our company is primarily People ...


Thanks to a well-coordinated team, working on the basis of mutual trust and respect for quality standards, we provide a good and comprehensive service for investors in the form of: great projects, successful optimization, fast investment implementation, low price.

Our brigades are qualified and experienced employees who can boast of assembly of buildings with a total usable area counted in hundreds of thousands of square meters.

Our employees meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.


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