Industrial building

Industrial building

We specialize in comprehensive projects in a complex area, which is undoubtedly industrial construction.

We deal with the preparation of construction projects and technical expertise, then delivery and assembly of steel structures.

The industrial facilities we build have a different character and purpose.

Among them are primarily:

  • warehouse halls,
  • production halls,
  • high storage halls,
  • power plant infrastructure buildings,
  • energy constructions,
  • offices and social facilities,
  • large-area garages,
  • shopping and service galleries,
  • agricultural objects,
    and many more

While doing our work, we focus primarily on professionalism, reliability and punctuality. An open and flexible approach to cooperation with the investor is also important for us. We rely on modern and proven technologies that are fully compliant with applicable safety standards and current technical knowledge.


We take care of every detail of our industrial facilities. We are aware of the fact that many people, both employees and clients use them on a daily basis. Therefore, we adapt every construction to the production processes as well as the work schedule of the given company. It is worth noting that these are buildings made of perfectly matched structural elements, ensuring full safety of use.


What's more, the industrial facilities we implement are resistant to adverse weather conditions, distinguished by excellent thermal and acoustic properties, as well as fully reliable and trouble-free.

At the design stage, they can be personalized and tailored to individual customer expectations.

Another big advantage is the unique aesthetics of the façade, as well as the care for the most attractive prices.


VW SLOVAKIA - Bratislava

• General contracting

- high storage hall

- extension of the diagnostic center

- construction of technical infrastructure


• General contracting

- extension of the production plant

WEBER Saint Gobain - Silo mixing station

• Delivery and assembly

- steel structure of silos and an auxiliary station with a staircase and technology

- wall and roof casings