COMMERCECON is a comprehensive solution for the construction of steel halls and light steel constructions

We accompany our clients from the very beginning to the final receipt of the investment.

Thanks to the latest technological solutions, our constructions meet the requirements set before them, while remaining completely safe building objects.

Our offer includes:

  • General contracting of industrial facilities (including steel halls)
  • Designing steel halls, optimizing existing projects, adaptation and modification, modernization
  • Delivery and assembly of steel halls
  • Delivery and assembly of other light steel constructions
  • Subcontracting of individual stages of the project implementation, for example, a light casing or roof covering.

  • the optimal steel structure of the hall (economical use of steel)
  • adjusting the size of the hall to customer needs (individual designs of steel halls)
  • a wide range of solutions for housing and roofing
  • excellent parameters of acoustic and thermal insulation, which can be adapted to individual customer needs
  • resistance to weather conditions
  • assembly accuracy
  • convenience of use
  • trouble-free operationhigh aesthetics of the facade as well as the construction of steel halls

We offer designing and construction of steel halls for various purposes

  • production halls
  • warehouse halls
  • industrial facilities
  • sheds and canopies
  • shopping centers
  • car showrooms
  • sports and multi-functional halls
  • agricultural halls
  • military and strategic objects
  • accessories and equipment of halls: overhead cranes, vertical and horizontal transport, stairs, railings, technological platforms, platforms, gates, fences ...