COMMERCON Sp. z o.o. offers extensive solutions in the field of light steel halls:

  • Designing steel constructions

  • Development of steel constructions

  • Assembly of steel constructions

  • Delivery and assembly of other steel projects

  • General performance


We also offer performance of individual stages of the realization of a project, such as lining the walls, or applying chosen roofing technologies.

We are assisting our Clients from the very beginning up to the point of the final acceptance of the investment. By the employment of the newest technical solutions the constructions we offer meet all the safety standards being at the same time able to fulfill their purpose.


One of the undeniable advantages of light steel halls is the short period of their development, as well as the variety of possible uses:

  • Shop floors

  • Warehouses

  • Covered markets

  • Sports halls

  • Social buildings

  • Logistics centres

  • Car showrooms

  • Industrial buildings


Development of steel constructions
The construction solutions we use allow us to build large-surface halls using a limited number of abutments which in turn provide more usable floor space inside the buildings. Our projects are results of both calculations and simulations, so that all developments are safe and our individual approach to every order allows us to work out the most advantageous solution from the economic and comfort of usage points of view.

COMMERCECON Sp. z o.o. cooperates with trusted subcontractors, which together with supervision and coordination of the realization, allows us to oversee the efficient and timely progresses in the realization of orders. Our priority is the satisfaction of the Client through building functional and safe constructions. We adapt orders to individual needs of the Investor, maintaining at the same time all safety standards.



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