Steel halls - execution


Steel is often used in construction due to its optimal mechanical properties.
The material has a homogeneous structure, which makes it equally resistant to bending, compression and stretching.
This uniformity allows for reliable results in the calculation of strength.
Halls made of this material are completely safe to use.

Modern construction solutions allow the construction of large-format steel constructions with a small number of supports. Thanks to this, the usable space can be used more effectively.

When designing halls, we use precise calculations and simulations that allow for the construction of secure buildings that meet the individual requirements of the Investor.
We create the best solutions from the point of view of economics and comfort of use.

The advantages of steel structures:

  • low self-weight of the structure
  • can be used immediately after finishing work
  • high resistance to external factors (with anti-corrosion protection)
  • tensile strength under the influence of temperatures
  • the production of elements is economical, therefore the halls stand out with an affordable price

The COMMERCECON company cooperates with reliable subcontractors. We supervise and coordinate the entire course of implementation so that the work runs smoothly and, what is equally important, on time. Customer satisfaction is our priority. That is why we create steel structures that are fully functional and safe. In each case, we adjust the order to the individual requirements of the Investor.

Vademecum for the construction of a steel hall