Steel halls - warehouses


COMMERCECON has been successfully implementing construction and optimization projects for warehouse halls for many years.
We offer comprehensive services in the field of modern, large-surface steel constructions - we deal with both designing, supplying construction and installation elements, building new facilities, and expanding already standing.

The construction of the warehouse must be adapted to the purpose of the facility and the company's requirements.

We build and optimize various types of warehouse halls. We provide both low and high storage facilities: commercial facilities (wholesalers), industrial and logistics centers.
Planning and design of facilities takes place using advanced computer programs - precise calculations, simulations and measurements make the solutions we propose are both ergonomic, economical and safe for staff.


When designing a building, it is important to pay attention not only to the surface of the object, but also to its height.
Currently, two classifications are taken into account when planning the construction of a warehouse and describing its size vertically.


The first criterion is the height of the object.
This division is strictly defined by construction law and is not only applicable halls and warehouses, and buildings in general.
This classification determines the height of the object calculated from the level of the building site.
On the basis of this division, we can distinguish buildings:
- low (N) - high up to 12 meters inclusive,
- medium-high (SW) - from over 12 meters to 25 meters inclusive,
- high (W) - from over 25 meters to 55 meters inclusive,
- altitude (WW) - over 55 meters above ground level.


The second criterion according to which we can divide warehouse halls is the size (height) of storage.

This classification is not regulated by law, but is commonly found in various types of studies.
On the basis of this division, we divide the objects into:
- low storage facilities - up to 4.2 m,
- medium storage facilities - 4.2-7.2 m,
- high (multi-storey) storage facilities - over 7.2 m.


High storage warehouses are popular due to the economic and efficient use of the steel structure.
Their characteristic feature is the use of the supporting structure and elements of the object's housing as shelves on which it is possible to store the goods.
Multilevel shelves allow efficient space management, and at the same time strengthen the structure of the object - thanks to this, the volume of the hall is better used.
High storage warehouses are usually mechanized closed objects made of lightweight housing.
Management of the goods located in them is usually done using an automated computer-aided system.


Depending on the purpose of the object, we choose the best architectural solutions (single-nave, multi-nave, single or gable, with outbuildings, etc.) and we develop and design the structure so it can be used in the most optimal way. The buildings are based on steel frames made of welded I-sections with variable web height and with truss girders.
Our company's offer includes comprehensive work related to the construction, optimization and finishing of warehouse halls.

In addition to general contractorship, delivery of steel structure, wall and roof housing components and their assembly, we also carry out, among others:
- assembly of belaying systems and electrical and lightning protection installations,
- installation of installations including fiber,
- installation of roof skylights and guttering,
- putting on a green roof
- assembly of decorative facade panels, etc.