Steel structure of halls

Steel structures of halls

The main task of the Commercecon company is the design, delivery and assembly of steel halls. Their basic load-bearing elements are steel frames, which are made of special welded I-sections distinguished by varying web heights, as well as frames equipped with truss girders.
The structure has optimal spatial stiffness thanks to its high concentration.

The load-bearing structure of the roof consists of cold-formed Z-profiles or lattice purlins, which are used primarily in halls with a large spacing of frames.

The supporting structures of the roof are made of:

  • purlin purlins intended primarily for halls with a larger spacing of frames
  • purlins manufactured from cold bent profiles (type Z)

Bolt structure of walls, as well as frames for doors, gates and loading docks are manufactured from hot rolled or cold rolled profiles.

We offer solutions that enable optimal use of the structure, as well as adapt it to the requirements and needs of investors.

Steel structures by the type of object


These are large-sized objects built using a small number of supports.

As a result, usable space can be used in the most effective way possible.

Professional calculations and simulations help us create constructions that are completely safe and guarantee satisfaction with use.

Production halls

We make industrial facilities of a production and storage nature in one. Such an investment is an economical solution for any company that develops its business.

We design objects resistant to adverse weather conditions, thermally and acoustically isolated.

The scope of Commercecon's preliminary services

Designing and documentation:

  • we prepare geodetic documentation
  • we deal with formal and legal service and obtaining the necessary building permits
  • we supervise the author and Investor
  • we prepare as-built documentation of construction and installation works
The scope of Commercecon's works
  • building of steel halls, warehouses, production plants, shopping centers, car showrooms, any industrial facilities
  • welding work
  • belaying systems
  • electrical installations, grounding and grounding installations
  • fiber optics
  • other works related to the comprehensive elevation and finishing of objects based on steel constructions

We encourage cooperation. In the case of emerging questions or doubts, we also invite you to contact our specialists.