Stell halls - production halls

Production halls

The company COMMERCECON offers implementation of various types of investments related to the construction, extension and thermal renovation of production halls. We participate in the whole process of building large-area facilities - starting from their planning, through the implementation of construction and construction projects, with the delivery and assembly of the steel structure as well as the roof and walls. In a word, the general contracting of the entire facility.

Production halls usually have a height of about 10 meters. There are both lower objects, several meters high, and much higher. Even more than 40 m high as in the case of high storage warehouses.

As a rule, however, the height of the buildings we place does not exceed the height of 12 meters, which in accordance with standards regulated by construction law - classifies these buildings as low buildings. Determining the building in terms of height is important when determining the appropriate technical and utility requirements. A lot depends on the technology to be built inside the hall. These dimensions and spans of machines determine the height and size of the halls.


Although the process of designing and building a production hall based on steel structures is similar to the construction of a warehouse, objects intended for production usually require even more thorough analyzes and advanced solutions.

First of all, the solutions used must be adapted to specific processes, devices and machines.
Often in the design should be considered bridge cranes, workshop cranes or winches that generate loads on the supporting structure. Installation of any cranes is easier with the use of columns in the structure with column supports for gantry beams and beams with rails and without for mounting across and along the hall.

When planning the structure and shape of an object, it is also necessary to consider whether it is necessary to divide the hall interior into production lines.
If so, the design should look so that all processes taking place in the interior are carried out as smoothly and effectively as possible.
Due to the fact that in production halls works are carried out continuously and with the use of advanced machines, it is particularly important to ensure safety and comfort for employees. Pay attention to all factors affecting the working conditions - light access, noise, temperature or air humidity.
Moreover, the design of the facility should include fire protection and noise suppression systems as well as evacuation routes as well as industrial installations (industrial water, exhaust systems or compressed air systems).
It is also important to choose the right ventilation system - for example, in buildings where there are large heat gains, saving on the operation of the hall will be possible using a heating system with heat recovery.

Production facilities should also include social and sanitary facilities as well as locker rooms corresponding to the number of employees and their gender. Currently, such large-scale projects also have an office building that performs representative functions and in which all formalities are dealt with.


At the first stage, we perform a detailed analysis of the client's needs and expectations and processes that will take place inside the planned facility. Dimensions, shape and location of the hall (access to roads, the shape of the plot) should be properly matched to the type of production, so that the cubic capacity and hall surface can be used as much as possible.
After presenting the client with precise proposals, we try to optimize the project according to its suggestions. We also take into account possible changes and stages of investment development. Our concepts and implemented solutions enable smooth and trouble-free building development in the future.

The production halls we build in terms of technology and aesthetics form a coherent whole. The fruitful cooperation of the designers and builders of the COMMERCECON company as well as the knowledge of the industry mean that the objects we build are visually attractive, ergonomic and economical.

In addition to designing and general contracting, our company also offers, among other things, the following:
- delivery and assembly of the roof covering and wall and roof cladding,
- delivery and assembly of the roof structure,
- delivery and assembly of steel structure,
- ground and foundation works,
- thermomodernization of the facility,
- delivery and installation of roof skylights, window and door joinery
- delivery and assembly of guttering
- delivery and assembly of accessories, etc.